Suiciderates in Flanders

Suicide rates are dramatic in Belgium!  in comparison withour neighbour countries Flanders does also not very well.


overall suicide rates in Flanders 2008: (by: Vlaams Agentschap zorg en gezondheid).
Numbers: In 2008  1027 persons died by suicide in Flanders.  The suicide rate ( per 100.000 citizens (= de suïcide rate) is 16.7 deaths y suicide per 100.000 citizens in 2008.


728 men (23.95/100.000 residents) and 299 women (9.58/100.000 residents).The suicide rate among men is always higher than among women.


The average age was 49 years for men and  52 years for women.
Within the youngest age groups there were 2 boys between the ages10-14 jaar and 18 boys between 15-19 years. Girls:   1 girl between 10-14 years and 10
girls between 15-19 years.


This post is also available in: DutchFrench


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