Dont be shocked by my postings!

Yes, dont be shocked ! I am just practising my philosophy! Let ugliness and beauty and bad and goodness and filth and cleanliness exists side by side, that is what the world is all about! Not everywhere is like the  picturesque little european villages, even in these beautiful places there is filth and ugliness which you dont see with your naked eye!

As for the photo of the African lady, its just one example. Just imagine she got the chance to do plastic surgery and made to look like Halle Berry. In the caption of the picture i wrote ” Can i give you a kiss darling”. Now if this lady came to you and asked you for a kiss you would have moved away in disgust. So imagine she did surgery and she came to you and asked for a kiss looking like Halle Berry, Well you would have given her a kiss and more! And imagine she  shows you the photo of how she looked before the operation, How would you react?? It is the food for thought for today!


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