The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible

“In the darkest despair a spark of hope lies inextinguishable within us, ready to be fanned into flames at the slightest turn of good news. However compelling the cynicism, a childlike idealism lives within us, always ready to believe, always ready to look upon new possibilities with fresh eyes, surviving despite infinite disappointments. Even in the darkest moments of resignation to the old normal, our participation in it has been half-hearted, for part of our energy was seeking something outside the world as we have known it.

From within the logic of the old story, hope is a lie, a hallucination of something impossible. But it comes from our innate idealism, our heart’s knowledge of a more beautiful world. The beliefs that tell us that a more beautiful world is impossible conflict with the heart that tells us it is. It is only when the scaffold of those beliefs collapses that hope need no longer clothe itself in the absurd. A new Story of the World gives practical expression to the heart knowing we call hope; then it becomes authentic optimism. Our unreasonable hope is pointing us toward something true. That is why I call it a herald.

This new story, because it embodies a different understanding of reality and of causality, also transforms our understanding of what is practical. From the story of interbeing, no longer does the knowledge of the heart that it is important to take care of the 95-year-old mother-in-law conflict with the reason of the mind. The terms of reason have changed. Heart and mind need no longer be at odds. Their rapprochement is part of a greater trend of reunion that is the healing of our world, encompassing the reunion of spirit and matter, discipline and desire, body and soul, money and gift, nature and technology, man and woman, the domestic and the wild, work and play, and life and art. Each of these, we will understand, creates and contains the other. No longer will we live in the illusion that they are separate.”


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