Oedipus complex or just an escape from real life???

In all my years here in Flanders i have been observing a growing trend of men leaving their wives and girlfriends or even divorcing their wife in order to go live again with their mother!Already among my friends and acquaintances i have often heard that he even left them without any form of financial aid and he even gave his salary to his mom. What is going on???

You leave a young woman with little children in a helpless situation so you can go and be pampered by your mom?? What kind of men are you???

I have from the beginning told my son that i will never mollycoddle him in any way and the only way i will show my son affection is by being there when he needs me in case of illness or other calamities in life. But once he can stand on his own feet i want him to be as far away as possible from me so he can lead his own independant life without his parents interference. We are always available to talk to  and to meet during family get togethers and thats it.

I loath men who depend on their moms for no particular reason other than to make their lives more comfortable and an excuse to run away from responsibilities. When i witnessed the suffering of my female friends who were abandoned by their husband for the sake of their moms i am talking about a serious illness in this society! Could it be the Oedipus complex???


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