Filipina Caregiver Wins the Hearts of Israel With Her Amazing Voice Read more: Filipina Caregiver a Singing Sensation on Israel X-Factor

A 47-year old Filipina caregiver, Rose Osang Fostanes, has blown Israel away with her vocal performances on the reality show “X-Factor,” garnering hoards of fans while putting a human face to all the foreign workers who anonymously grind away in the country’s domestic-helper sector.

Fostanes has been working as a caregiver abroad since she was 23, and arrived in Israel six years ago. She is taking care of an ailing woman in her 50s while sharing a crowded apartment in south Tel Aviv. Now she has to deal with swarms of fans screaming her name.

“It’s a big change in my life because before nobody recognized me, nobody knew me. But now everybody, I think everybody, in Israel knows my name. And it is very funny,” she told the Associated Press. Israelis are normally more used to contestants like “black-clad ultra-Orthodox Jews” and “Ethiopian immigrants,” AP said.

Fostanes commands a booming, soulful voice, and has made her way to the final five contestants with performance of songs like Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ Lady Gaga’s ‘You and I’ and Christina Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful.’ She says that it’s a childhood dream coming true — one that she’s been afraid to act on before because she did not have conventional popstar looks.

“Sometimes I am telling myself, ‘Is it true that it happened to me?’ At least I can express and show the people that I have also talents and it’s not too late for me to shine.”

Read more: Filipina Caregiver a Singing Sensation on Israel X-Factor |


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