A tip how to use leek leaves!

A tip how to use leek leaves!

Dont discard the leaves of the leek , instead line an oven dish with washed leek leaves and then put your chicken on it , cover the chicken completely with more leek leaves and now cover the whole thing tightly with aluminium foil so that the flavours can remain locked .Bake the chicken for an hour! A chicken baked in the oven is much tastier in your waterzooi than if you just threw everything in a pot and boiled. Make first a vegetable waterzooi and then add the baked chicken that smell of leeks and bring everything to a boil ! add cream and serve! Voilà! the leek leaves that are in the oven dish along with the juices of the chicken can be either used for a bouillon or just discard the leek leaves and use the bouillon in your waterzooi!

And the vegetables for the waterzooi, please dont just boil them in water but sauteé them either in butter or olive oil and instead of using water use half cream milk which will give a much better taste and also you dont have to use a lot of cream. Water makes everything go soggy!


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