Our pillow talk this morning!

Saturdays are the days we have time for pillow talk. Today we were discussing about the national geographic documentary ” In search of the scientific Adam” . He suddenly decided that i should take a DNA test to find out who my true ancestors are. I am from Kerala, where actually a lot of intermingling and migration took place( a bit like South Africa). But what is unique about Kerala is that we have had contact  even with the Phoenicians ( archeology proves it)! 

Another reason i want to take the DNA test is because of the different rumors people have been spreading about my origins. My husband is a brilliant genealogist and he has already done a short study about my family and origins. So for him every rumor is nul and void because he has done his research .

The DNA test as he put it is just to get back at the stupid people! That way they will hold their tongue once and for all. And dont worry folks you will get to know the results!


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