13 misconceptions Indian men have about their future brides ( having a good laugh)

According to Indian men, there are three kinds of women this country has – the time pass variety, the ugly, hence friend kind and the moral, untouched marriageable types. Most of them spend their lives in this bubble. 

First things first – POP. Guys, please wake up, women are much more than these brackets you want to put them in. Being fun to be with, average looking and ‘morally perfect’ are not mutually exclusive characteristics. So, stop assuming already. 

Here are 13 typical assumptions that most Indian men have about their brides to be; they make our blood boil.


They’re virgins: Hello…when are you guys going to stop assuming this about unmarried girls who wear salwar kameezes? They can come off too, you know. Here’s a reality check, women also enjoy sex and, no, they don’t need a mangal sutra to do it. 

They’re religious: Just because Diana Penty could not stop praying to her God in ‘Cocktail’ doesn’t mean that’s all we love to do because we like to wear salwar kameezes. There are quite a lot of us who don’t even believe in God, you know. 

They all want to make babies: This one is the most frustrating one. Men believe women are just around to marry, make babies and cook. That’s not true; the goo-gaas of a baby are not such a draw for all of us.

They know how to cook: All of us are not Tarla Dalals. Some of us don’t even like cooking.

They would prioritise their husband’s needs over anyone else’s: Oh, please! That whole pati parmeshwar (husband equals God) is a thing of the past. Today’s women are selfish too. They also put their choices before anyone else’s, just like you.

They are not career oriented: The whole staying at home to look after the house and kids is a thing of the past too. Our jobs are important too. We won’t be the first ones to quit for ‘our’ babies.

They will treat in-laws like the way they treat their own parents: Can men treat their in-laws like their own parents? We don’t even need that answered, neither can we.

They’ve never watched a dirty movie: This is completely laughable. We have, we all have.

Family functions are fun times: No, they’re not. We don’t like gossiping with your auntie relatives; yes, we enjoy gossip with friends. And, no, it’s not the same thing.

They watch Bollywood films/ soaps: Purely an individual choice. All of them don’t do it.

They will never initiate sex: Guys, why would you assume this? Didn’t you learn anything from what Vidya Balan said on ‘Koffee With Karan’: “Women like it, need it and want it just as much as men do.”

When they say no, they actually mean yes: Not everything you watch in Hindi movies is true, you know!

She likes cleaning your mess: We don’t even like cleaning our own mess most of the time, why would yours be appealing?



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