African Prostitution – The European dream ? POSTED ON NOVEMBER 14, 2013

 It is the world’s oldest “job” yet the most controversial , yep you got that right I am talking about prostitution. I was watching a documentary on prostitution in Europe and I was very surprised to notice that most women that are practicing it are actually from Africa especially Nigerians ( a beg oo I am only stating facts here) . Curious as I am , I wanted to check what’s up with Nigerian girls and this European prostitution thing , so I went ahead and found myself a good documentary on that matter 😦, what I found was rather chocking!! It is not only ordinary prostitution it is human traffic at high levels. This is how it goes: there’s a usually a “madam” that offers money to poor households in exchange for their daughter. The madam sells the ” European dream” to the girl in question saying that she will send her to europe so she can work and help her family. Well, well… , on top of that the girl has to swear on some weird “juju magic” objects that she will pay back the madam or else she will become mad or die! Nawaaaa ooo!! 

 I currently live in the most Catholic city in the world which is Rome , but trust me as catholic and prude as it seems to be , it is the European city that has the most African prostitutes ( competing with Paris of course!) and they are mostly Nigerians.  The prostitutes, like cattle, are strategically placed in the wealthiest neighborhood in the city waiting for clients all night , and if you look closely there PIMP is never far away. I once had a discussion with a prostitute in Paris , and she told me that it is funny how people insult them , when they are really the victims. So my question is this : Should prostitution be legalized and considered as a profession? 

Hhhuuuuuuuuum I can hear my African people screaming already, lol a beg no vex na simple question!! The reason why i am asking this it’s simply because in countries like Switzerland where it has been legalized, it seems to work pretty well. Prostitutes work regular hours in institutions made for this purpose, and pay their taxes like any other working people. Of course the motives for doing this job are the same ( financial problems ) , but at least they are not out there being abused. Some people would think how can a prostitute be abused , well it happens more often than you think and the problem is that they cannot really complain. They get beaten up , raped , enslaved , and some time those ” clients” refuse to pay them. I am not advocating for the legalization of prostitution I am just saying that it is maybe a way to rethink the question. 

I do not think anyone wants to be prostitute for a lifetime, we have to take the problem from the source, poverty that is. We all know that Poverty is Africa’s middle name, and we know that millions of Africans die everyday  trying to reach Europe , it is what it is, but i do believe that if African governments instead of wasting all the money on useless projects to make themselves look good, and created more formation center for young people to learn a job ( carpenter, tailor, social care assistant etc) it would have save us a lot of trouble.  As for those “madams” they shall be corrected and put in jail for using other people’s kids to become wealthy. Like seriously what’s wrong with these women!? 

I know most people have very strong opinions on this issue,but I have to tell you frankly speaking how much I feel for those girls, that will never know what love is about, that will hate themselves all lifelong , it is very sad , very unfortunate, but with God everything is possible! 

Much love, 

Miss D


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