Law of Karma!

Law of karma in islam
God does not compel a soul to do what is beyond its capacity,it gets what it was earned n is responsible for wht it deserves,quran,surah 2 verse 287
Law of karma in judaism
All souls r subject to the trials of rebirths n men do not kno the design ofthe supreme with regard to them,ty do not know how at all times thy r being judged,both before and after cmin to this world n when thy leave,the Zohar volume 1
Law of karma in hinduism
karma which is made whether good or bad must inevitably be suffered,karma not suffered does nt go away even in 10 millins of ages.Garuda puranam .
Law of karma in christianity
do not be deceived ,god is not mocked for whtever one sows,tht will he also reap Galatians 6:7
Law of karma in physics
Law of karma in methaphysics
For every action or thought has an effect or consequences.The lawof cause and effect.


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