Here is a little anecdote to warm the hearts of the people of Aalst!

I have been living in Aalst for the last 19 years and so i used to know people at least by their face. As a young mother who did not drive a car i had to do everything by foot. Usually i used to take my baby son for a walk till the supermarket  and used to put my groceries under his pram. But there were days when i left him with my husband and went to shop. I started noticing over the months this guy in his 50’s driving a huge and expensive Mercedes laughing and mocking me especially when he saw me loaded with groceries and struggling to walk. By the look of him he was a smoker and a drinker and looked extremely fat and unhealthy. I one day pointed him out to my husband and he recognized him from his younger days! My husband also happened to know his name. Then one day while reading the necrology in the  local newspaper ” De streekkrant” we saw he had died. 

Now the moral of this story is that ” He laughed at me because i was walking and not driving,but you know what, I am still walking and he is not driving anymore”. Wonder who drives his Mercedes now????


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