Nobody wanna see you rising
And when they do it they don’t like it
They just wanna see you deep in crises
Drive your self you don’t need a license
Call the hush you can even ride it
Go ahead move your feet just like this
Then he showed me the latest
We wanna walk over them haters

The whole world wanna learn how to do this
So Imma take you right through this
Azonto dance is the movement
So when you jump on the floor better use it
First step is the step-step
You can move to the right to the left-left
You can even freestyle when you step-step
Put your hands in the air then you rep-rep
So go, go, go
Twist your fingers you can wave and say hello lo lo
Make your fist and you can hit them with the blow, blow, blow

No violence that’s how you do Azon-zon-to
Let me see you go go
Killbeatz taught me this


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