No Cover Charge is a tribute to some of the iconic bands in the Indian independent music scene by some of other most kickass bands from the Indian independent music scene! In this episode the electro rock act Sky Rabbit cover ‘Then We Go Out’ by the New Delhi punk outfit Messiah

there is a rumor out on streets,
when we go out and when we meet,
no, not in dark but in broad daylight,
snatching hair and a heavy metal fight,

you have seen it in her eyes,
she has done it a thousand times,
you can’t trust whom you know,
cut throat competence, here we go…

yeah… then we go out…

i am alone but no one’s home,
reading the news but it won’t do…
if only sex pleases your soul,
why don’t you have it with a call girl.

call me once and I’ll call you twice,
it’s mine straight forward advice,
don’t sit in fire when everyone knows,
it’s bad time for the show girl.

i need some time to think,
a disturbing sleep will wake you up.


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