Home & Away – Kiwis in Flanders ( The flemish are friendly people but they are not my friends) ( now that is a very sad statement)

Fans of Flanders Home and Away Section – we interview a group of expats and see what they like, hate, love & find funny about living in this part of the world!

While Rome burns…

Meet Di Mackey, Wendy Towers and Wendy Leach, three lovely ladies from New Zealand who have found a new home here in Flanders.

We met up with them in Antwerp (on a very windy day!) to find out why they like it here and how they manage to get through the day without swearing — or at least: not all the time. And then there’s that other thing… the horror of actually having to share your strip of beach with someone else…

PS. don’t be alarmed if the name Di Mackey sounds familiar… it very well could because she blogs on our website every Monday. So don’t forget to check out her entries in our blog section.

Erico di rupio (belgian prime minister) hahaha


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