Sex for Fish (2007)

Kenya’s female fish sellers have to pay a high price for their supplies.
As well as buying the fish, they’re expected to sleep with the
fishermen. The practice is fuelling Kenya’s AID rate.

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According the UN, 7% of the Kenyan population has AIDs. In the fishing district of Lake Victoria, it’s a staggering 42%. Many blame the high infection rate on fishermen sleeping with their buyers — a practice known as ‘jaboya’. “You don’t get fish if you refuse”, complains one woman. “After I rejected one man, he tried to stop the other fishermen bringing me fish”, confides Winnie. She was forced to give in and now has AIDS. To make matters worse, most of the Nile perch caught gets exported to Europe, depriving locals of a much needed source of protein. “We are in a situation where the people here barely have any protein to eat,” complains Dr Abila.

Annemarie Cumiskey – Ref. 3685

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