16 Signs You Went To A Convent School In India( and loved it, believe me, the best years of my life)

School days were the best days, don’t you agree? Here are 16 typical things only conventees would understand. ;)


1. Irrespective of your faith, you still pray like this



2. Visit to the school church was an absolute must before any exam



3. You are allergic to wrong pronunciations and grammar



4. Exploring the buildings where sisters and trainees used to live was super exciting



5. You still remember and hum some of  your school hymns and Christmas carols

Image source


6. Cursive is the only form of handwriting everyone must have



7. If there’s an event, there is ZERO PERIOD. Yay!



8. You used to modify the school pledge “All Indians are my brothers and sisters…”



9. When someone mentions prayer, this comes to your mind. “Our Father in Heaven…”



10. You know these people very well



11. Principal of your school wore skirts & gowns

Image source


and you tried to peep under Sister’s head-scarf to check out her hairstyle :P

Image source



12. You often got confused when people asked you about your sister/ father



13. Moral Science was more important than actual science

Image source


14. At some point you fancied the idea of dressing like a nun

Image source


15. Indian festival holidays + Catholic holidays = Amazing School Life

Image source


16. Sex education class bottomline: Sex before marriage = Impurity = Sin


Regardless of  the type of school we went to, the fact remains that those were the best days of our lives!

16 Signs You Went To A Convent School In India


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